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Who we are

Accidental European is a collaborative content platform that seeks to break cultural & societal walls by putting collective intelligence at the service of better policy.

What moved us

In a turbulent world where fake news is on the rise, policy is often inaccessible, unrelatable & complicated to understand. We believe that seeing policy through different perspectives will help others in their own narrative.

Why we exist

Global challenges affect us all. Policy is a fundamental force in bringing about change on a big scale. Our goal is to help evolve policy to meet the needs of our modern world.

19-12-14 iN3 approach

iNform. iNspire. iNclude

Our content approach is simple. We want to counter fake news & better iNform society by simplifying existing policies through the individual & his, her, their comparative views. We also want to break cultural & societal walls by sharing evidence-based experiences & diverse perspectives in order to iNspire forward-looking policies capable of responding to future challenges. Our end goal is to empower everyone’s role in policymaking through collective intelligence & help create a world where policy discussions extend beyond traditional actors to also iNclude non-represented voices in society. 

"Accidental" Europeans

The “Accidental” in front of “European” in not an accident… we meant to put it there. For us, the creation of the European Union & its development over the years— after the devastation of World War II— represents a crossroad where the uncertainty of experimental ideas met the certainty for peace… & where a vision, born from accidental circumstances, met the need for greater prosperity. This crossroad represents the future of policymaking for us because we believe that it is our accidental circumstances that move us to embrace unique perspectives needed to reach greater heights. Our content contributors bring this unique perspective to EU policies by sharing their own stories, expertise and experience. 

19-12-06 Europe has potential (1)

Multilaterism is the future

Humanity can only address the major global challenges of our times by working together. Indeed, the EU is not perfect… but it does have decades of experience in multilateral governance, and is home to some of the oldest democracies in the world. This is why we think that the EU has the capacity to develop a new approach to policy & expand— across-borders— policy discussions to incorporate other much-needed perspectives. We believe that bringing policy closer to citizens is the future. Democracy & multilateralism depends on it. With this motivation, we also hope to help plug the world into the EU, & vice-versa, so that best practices in policy are shared, beyond borders.