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Dimitar Lilkov
Ironically, there is nothing Accidental about me being European. For many of the Slav kids born and raised in Bulgaria in the late XXth century the West was always the goal and ‘European’ always the standard. What comes next, though? What`s the next societal aim for a nation which finally sits around the table and is part of the wealthiest club in history? Will you become narcissistic about small cultural differences and petty squabbles about regional funds or will you rise up to the global challenges of our times? The question applies to all 27 member states, East and West. Riddles like these interest me and are even part of my work. I'm a researcher in a political think-tank where we make efforts to overcome Eurobubble navel gazing and try to inspire politicians and partners to focus on the issues that matter. I live in Brussels but I try to spend as much time as possible in Sofia.

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Data Protection

Sword, Shield and Social Media: Europe’s Digital Dilemma

Digital diagnosis: depressing? The European Union knows there is a problem in the digital realm. European member states were the first to set up comprehensive rules about digital privacy in an attempt to prevent widespread online chaos and increased misuse