James Whiteman
I was born in Boston, Massachusetts with the most un-PC surname in the world. I now live in London and am constantly inspired by its diversity and rich culture. I am accidentally European in the sense that we are all accidental products of the parental postcode and citizenship lottery – born into random circumstance with no way to change the past but yet architects of our futures. No doubt a function of growing up with my mum and my sister, I have a deep empathetic streak and abhor any injustice or unfairness, however big or small. I admire quietly courageous leaders like Jean Monnet who, in stark contrast to today’s populist and blustering leaders, achieve great and lasting things from behind the scenes. Having married into British-Pakistani culture, I am constantly awestruck by how much our similarities outweigh our differences: family, friends, food, ideas and laughter. The simple pleasures to counter a complex and, at times, infuriating life. Professionally, I am currently heading Client Communications & Content at Aviva Investors.

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Racial Equality

A letter to a friend. Should I give up my seat?

“That was mine. And I miss it.” Do you think the fields miss you? “Oh, I know they miss me because I used to talk to them all the time… It sounds silly to another person; like, why are you