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Our Ethics

What we are bound to…

The Law – principles defined by the EU

Our practices and content must adhere to the laws that regulate communication and speech in the European Union and must not maliciously circumvent these. This includes avoiding the publishing of slanderous and libelous speech, misinformation, unverified information, and information from unreliable (consistently untruthful) sources.

We commit to a process of thoughtful review and critique of our own content to reflect fairness of judgment, honesty, and respect for norms of transparency while protecting confidentiality.

We must disclose any potential conflicts of interests that may arise, maintaining an awareness of our business and economic partners or clients to avoid omissions of disclosure.

We hold ourselves and each other to high ethical and legal standards without exceptions and are bound by the responsibility to our association and platform to ensure that unethical behavior has appropriate consequences.

What we hold in high esteem…

Dignity – fundamental to solidarity

We work to maximize equality among a diverse community that reflects our hope for society. This in order to create an environment conducive to growth and development that is accessible to all.

Therefore, we adhere to standards of communication that encourage simplicity, clarity, and that help us to avoid intentional obfuscation or inaccessibility.

Our content must reflect our efforts toward an equitable world that promotes its security while respecting liberties and human dignity.

What we believe in…

A better future

By mobilizing intelligence to improve current & future policies.

By respecting the individual and the free exercise of thought, conscience, and religion, while at the same time fostering mutual understanding and respect among people.

By working consistently to improve our operational methods to minimize our negative effect on the natural environment.

What we protect…


Our content is protected via Copyright and/or other works rights licenses that promote creativity and allow for fair use under the spirit of the law.


We make every effort to protect our readers, consumers, partners, and clients’ personal data and other private information, especially as indicated under the law.

We do not sell, share, or distribute the data entrusted to us without explicit consent and/or permission from their respective owners.

We attempt to minimize both the amount of personal data we use and the amount of time we keep it in order to maximize trust and efficiency.