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Our Accidental Team


Versed in EU policy with a cross-continental perspective to boot, Fatemeh launched AE to foster broader perspective within policy discussions.

Senior Strategist

Specialised in EU Affairs, Maud acts as an ambassador for AE by fostering sustainable connections & partnerships with stakeholders.

Senior Project Manager

Project management savvy, particularly within large development agencies, Ani ensures the operational workings of AE and its development.

Content Experience Manager

With significant experience in education, Jaime helps build bridges by ensuring that our content remains fun and accessible to everyone.

Social Media Manager

Specialized in global media communications, Vince works to create engaging, authentic content for our audience, and beyond.

Lead Copywriter

A trained international journalist and author, Amanda ensures that each article aligns with our content guidelines and key values.

Our Accidental Contributors

Speaker and author of “Zéro gaspi!” (Larousse), Yoneko raises awareness around food waste in schools, universities and companies. Photo ©Laetizia Bazzoni
Francisco is a consultant in the Department of Nuclear Safety and Security at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna
An energy and consumer policies specialist, Marine is the founder of the consultancy Next Energy Consumer.
Dimitar Lilkov reads, writes and talks about Europe at the Martens Centre think tank in Brussels. He focuses on digital economy, energy and environment.
A human rights legal expert and consultant, Juan Carlos holds a PhD and works to defend the social rights of disadvantaged groups.
Travis is a PhD student in business analytics working on philosophical issues in information systems (IS), data ethics, and data science.
Sara is an experienced entrepreneur and thought leader in the food ecosystem. In 2013, she founded Future Food, which promotes innovation and sustainable change in the food industry.
Filippo Addarii is a serial entrepreneur and strategy advisor with 20 years of expertise in public-private partnerships for large-scale innovation and development projects and impact finance.
Marco is Italian lawyer with more than 35 years of experience in business immigration and citizenship law. He is currently an adjunct professor of law at Chinese Culture University in Taipei.
Nicolo is an innovator in the world of professional services and the non-profit sector. He has been managing clients for a decade, offering recruitment, staff selection services, HR and Business Development consulting.
Specialised in sustainability finance, Alexandra aims to bridge the gap between science, policy and practice.
Dr. Julien Théron is a lecturer in conflict and international security studies at Sciences Po.
Greg is a transnational finance, technology and start-up expert with a current digital business in publishing.
Co-creator of Syntropi think-tank for liquid democracy, MA in European Studies, social entrepreneur focusing on decentralization and cryptocurrencies.
A serial entrepreneur, financial advisor, investor, coach, speaker, teacher, art collector, Stephanie is a constant learner & supports impactful investments.
An expert in the transformation of the mobility space, Marc works closely with startups, VCs, emerging OEMs, tech giants, accelerators and corporate outposts.
Jamil is a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Martin Centre for Architectural & Urban Studies housed within the Dept. of Architecture at Cambridge.
Startup and technology specialist, Sara’s expertise lies in private company transactions and growth strategies.
Data specialist & social impact expert, Celine is a novelist & President of UN Women France. She has also founded Love for Livres & Return for Society.
PhD fellow at Sciences Po, Paris, Anne works under the supervision of Henri Bergeron and is specialised in the re-organization of primary care.
EU affairs, financial regulation & capital markets specialist, Victor connects dots between macro-economic policy, EU politics & financial regulation.
Hanae is a lead expert on startups and innovation ecosystems at the pan-African organisation, Smart Africa.
A gender diversity & equality expert, Chiara has founded Led by HER and The Other Half: Conversations With Men on Gender Equality.
Ronan is the Head of E3G’s Clean Economy Programme, & works to support the transition to an economy that is zero carbon and sustainable.
Head of Client Communications & Content at Aviva Investors, James is also Co-Chair the Social Mobility workstream at Diversity Project.
Freelance humanitarian responder & analyst based in Greece, specialised on the local effects of regional & global trends in migration policy.
Nowegian politican & diplomat, Erik served as Minister of Environment, Minister for International Development & was Executive Director of the UN’s Environment Programme.
Specialised in green economy and policy, Christoph acts as Director of the Green BRI Center at the International Institute of Green Finance.
Born in a small town one hour north of Cologne, I now live in Berlin and work as a copywriter and brand strategist.
An AI entrepreneur with a PhD in mathematics & member of Forbes 30 under 30 list in Poland, Przemek Chojecki is specialised in artificial intelligence.
Former British & EU civil servant, David is the author of the 2014 novel “A Short History of England 2020-2089.
Julien, a European citizen who was raised in various European cultures, is the Project Officer for the #StandForSomething Campaign at the European Youth Card Association .