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Alexandra Kinywamaghana

As a child, I read A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens repeatedly and it scared my mother. She feared I’d grow up to be an anarchist. As an adult, I spend most of my time professing my love for Liverpool, contemplating the state of the world and channelling my energy to sustainability, marketing and finance-related endeavours. I strongly believe marriage between finance and marketing can spur us to a sustainable world. I am a Project Coordinator and Sustainability Analyst based in Germany and am passionate about using content to bridge the gap between science, policy and practice. Currently, I´m supporting a project at the Frankfurt School of Finance- FIRE Research Centre on Artificial Intelligence and Monetary Policy under the SafeFinancial Big Data Cluster (SafeFBDC). Previously, I worked in ESG, carbon markets, and integrated climate risk management (climate risk insurance). I hold a BSc. International Business Administration from the United States International University, a Master of Cooperation and Development from the Institute of Advanced Studies Pavia and an MSc. Socio-Ecological Economics from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Back to A Tale of Two Cities, it has helped me to understand how our “imperial mode of living” (Ulrich Brandt) is causing instability, except for this time, the planet is revolting.
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