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jaime castillo verduzco bio photo

Jaime Castillo Verduzco

Content Experience Manager

First-and-foremost, I am—and perhaps will always consider myself—an educator. Growing up in Southern California & living in an active community dealing with the overall challenges of globalisation, I have always made an effort to be aware of causes and effects in our rapidly changing world. Graduating from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) with a degree in World Literature & French, I expanded my service experience with the Peace Corps in Latin America. This not only exposed me to large scale projects in challenging environments, but also pushed me to embrace my natural talent as an educator. I believe being an educator is an important social responsibility and represents a calling that requires insight, creativity, and compassion. As an educator, I do not only work to build bridges, but I also makes sure that people of all kind are capable of crossing them into a better future. Since my experience with the Peace Corps, I have continued to strengthen my skills as an educator with organisations in different cultural situations and contexts. Now, with Accidental European, I want to ensure that more and more people overcome the walls that divide us, however high they may be.