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Maud Fichet bio photo

Maud Fichet

Senior Strategist

Born in France, raised in a quintessential French family where baguette was, and still is, omnipresent… why would I call myself an Accidental European? Having lived abroad at a young age, I became intimately aware of the need to experience different realities and narratives to make informed judgments about almost anything in life. This didn’t come easy, as I needed to accept complexity, and rethink a lot of my own most basic assumptions. And so, my understanding of the world became more Accidental, less linear, and I became increasingly interested in narratives complimenting my own. Europe has so many things to cherish, and at the same time, could improve in so many other ways by keeping an eye on what is being done elsewhere on the planet… And the divide between you, me, ordinary citizens, and those taking some important decisions for us, is increasingly greater. This is why I want to bring a little “Accidental European” brick to help build bridges between different perspectives and different experiences.