Chiara Condi
Chiara Condi is a gender diversity and equality expert who is passionate about promoting and fostering women entrepreneurship, and creating a better world for women. She is the founder of Led By HER, an organisation that helps women who have suffered from violence become entrepreneurs. She has also recently founded the Other Half: Conversations With Men on Gender Equality, a podcast that engages influential men on their engagement in creating a more gender equal world. Before taking on the world of activism, Chiara worked with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) where she acted as a gender adviser and researcher. Chiara’s aim is to create a world where equality is a reality and not a struggle, where discrimination and gender violence do not exist, and diversity in business and entrepreneurship is a fact. Chiara has won the Woman of Influence Award in 2017, and has been appointed to the UN Women Global Innovation Coalition for Change.

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