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Fatemeh Jailani
Born and raised in California as a first-generation American balancing between western life and eastern heritage, I moved to France in 2008 in the pursuit of a degree in International Economic Policy. Two years later I got the degree… along with a European mindset to compliment the rest. Working between Paris and the EU capital for the next nine years, I realized to what extent EU policy discussions remain inaccessible to most Europeans… and non-Europeans. With a multidimensional understanding of the world, I felt privileged having this insider and comparative perspective which allowed me to set the EU against a greater backdrop, and ironically, appreciate its existence at a time of growing Euroscepticism. As someone that has “accidentally” navigated through many cultural and social perspectives, I fundamentally believe that if we can bridge perspectives, we can promote a tolerant world equipped in co-creating better and agile solutions for tomorrow’s pressing challenges. That is the fundamental reason why I founded Accidental European.

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European Democracy

Innovating Democracy by Turning the Rubik’s Cube

“Fatemeh, I think it would be great if we could organize a podcast interview about innovation in democracy!” That is what Miguel de Fontenay, my former colleague from my previous corporate life, announced to me at the beginning of a

Youth inclusion

European & African Youth Solve Shared Regional Challenges, As Equals

The Greek philosopher Diogenes once said that the foundation of every state is the education of its youth. Despite the antiquity of this statement, his words are still relevant today. However, fast forward to 2020, what does Diogenes’ statement mean