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Marco Mazzeschi
I was born and grew up in a tiny “borgo” (of only 44 inhabitants) in the heart of Tuscany. After graduating in Siena, I moved to Milan where I worked for 20 years with some of the largest law firms and then founded a firm specialized in immigration and Italian citizenship. Recently I have opened an office in Tokyo where I intend to travel more frequently to expand my business. During my career, I worked mostly with international clients of different nationalities. This experience enhanced my interest and love for different cultures and my passion for traveling. Since 2016 I have been living part-time in Taipei where I teach a course at the Chinese Culture University. I have lived the past 30 years in a “borderless” Europe and I share Accidental European’s vision to make Europe stronger, more integrated and cohesive. To achieve these goals, it is vital that all European citizens become more involved and informed in EU policy decisions, so that the project of Europe as a single entity can be achieved.

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