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Stéphanie Mareva Failloux
Born in Tahiti, educated at Harvard, Cambridge and Sciences Po, now living in Paris, I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur with expertise in sustainable finance and business, female empowerment, and art. I revel in connecting worlds and individuals who support the transition to a new economy where business, society and the environment align. Growing up on a small island, there was no indication that my journey would lead here. At 14, I nearly died in a motorcycle accident and spent two weeks in a coma. It was a hardship but also a miracle and a blessing - I discovered strengths I did not suspect and developed the will to never give up. Since then, my life has been filled with ruptures, rebirths, and extraordinary encounters. Today, I have aligned my professional life with my personal values and feel I am in the right place. That happens to be here in Europe—a formidable cross-roads of culture, diversity, and history. What started with an accident at one point in my life, led me to Europe at another point. So I guess I am an Accidental European after all.

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Why Rewiring Our Financial System Should Concern Us All?

My name is Stéphanie Mareva Failloux. I am from Tahiti and have lived in Paris for twenty-five years. After graduating in 1997, I started my career in finance, first at Banque Paribas and then at Lehman Brothers in London and