Vladan Lausevic
I was born in Yugoslavia, Bosnia, and raised in Sweden. I live mostly in Stockholm, trying to improve the world through my experience in the Balkans by advocating global awareness, citizenship and the rule of law. Focusing on these ideas in combination with social entrepreneurship is essential to decentralization, peace and human security and democracy overall. I am interested in the use of technology in areas such as artificial intelligence, migration and climate change. I believe that technology can be used for both good or bad, both for human progress and human stupidity. I see the potential of how civic involvement and governance in the European Union can be improved, and in the long term could serve as a model for the planet as a whole. In 2019 I co-created the first think-tank for liquid democracy in Sweden and I am also active in organizations such as Democracy Without Borders.

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European Democracy

Tripadvisor, Inspiration for Our Digital Democracy?

I grew up in the trenches of the Bosnia-Herzegovina war and have seen first-hand what it means to live in an ethnocracy, a place where democratic values and behaviors are non-existent.   When I moved to Sweden as an adult and