Yoneko Nurtantio

Yoneko Nurtantio
Speaker and author of "Zéro gaspi!" (Larousse), Yoneko raises awareness around food waste in schools, universities and companies. Called "waste warrior" in the media, in recognition of her commitment to sustainable transition, Yoneko, 29, is the bestselling author of "Zéro gaspi!" ("Zero food waste!" Larousse 2017). She regularly shares her method in schools, universities, public and private companies. Holder of 2 bachelors and 2 masters, she studied 13 languages and published her first book at the age of 23. With her family, she launched in 2018 the JUST KEEP IT Challenge - 21 days without food waste. Over 2.5k people took part in this mobilization. Having published a new recipe book (“JUST KEEP IT: les recettes #Zerogaspi”), she is currently building an inclusive approach in partnership with the food aid sector. Besides, Yoneko works full-time for the Agency for the Evaluation of the Quality of Higher Education (AEQES). Her motto? Learning. Every day. Photo ©Laetizia Bazzoni

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